Injuries resulting from a truck accident can be life altering. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, call our offices today to schedule a FREE consultation. A truck accident can result in severe property damage or totaled cars, severe injuries, and even death. These types of accidents often involve several vehicles, including a commercially owned truck, semi, or tractor-trailer. Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers has decades of experience representing victims of truck accidents. Our lawyers are experienced in handling these unique cases, as they often involve commercial insurance claims and working with the company’s private investigation team.

Trucks weigh up to 30 or 40 times that of a smaller, non-commercial vehicle, putting those drivers and passengers in the smaller cars at greater risk for serious injuries. Large commercial trucks are susceptible to road conditions, like any vehicle. For a large commercial truck, it can take up to 40% longer to come to a stop. That percentage increases when road conditions are not ideal; whether the road is wet from a past storm, or icy from snow or frozen rain.

Common causes of truck accidents include

  • Tire Blowouts
  • Tired Drivers
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Incorrect Lane Changes
  • Loose and Unsecured Cargo
  • Road Debris
  • Dangerous Road & Weather Conditions

The team of lawyers and legal staff at Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers is prepared to work on your case today. We are experts in personal injury case law and have successfully represented many clients to favorable settlements and court rulings, specifically in truck accidents. Our staff is fully prepared to make home and hospital visits, if necessary, meet with experts, interview eye witnesses, and make reliable estimates on settlement amounts based on the severity of your case and the circumstances surrounding it.

While we can’t change what has happened, we can help you to get the best outcome possible from this devastating event. Determining negligence is a key factor in winning many of these cases. Our lawyers are highly qualified to handle these complex cases. Our staff is fluent in several languages so communication with never be a barrier in preparing and filing your case. We have represented both individual victims and family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one. It is our job to evaluate, investigate, and aggressively seek the truth to get you and your family the best possible outcome.

Call today for your FREE consultation. At no cost to you or your family, a lawyer will evaluate your case and determine if there is compensation owed. If we choose to proceed with you case, we will start immediately. There is no fee if we don’t find that there is a viable case to prosecute or seek a settlement. There is zero risk in giving our office a call. You don’t have to be alone in this fight. These devastating collisions can change the course of your life and that of your family’s. Let a team of skilled attorneys, focused on personal injury cases, get you and your family what is owed so you can begin the process of healing.

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