Motorcycle Accident

There are some inherent risks for motorcycle drivers and passengers that increase their chances of sustaining more serious and life-threatening injuries. Motorcycles are smaller than most cars and therefore hidden by objects or other cars, which make them less visible to drivers. The simple fact there is no barrier to protect a motorcycle driver or passenger from impact increases the chances of sustaining serious injury, or worse result in death. In addition, motorcycles have less stability and are at greater risk of tipping or falling over. Motorcyclists’ must show a high level of skill when operating one and be adverse to high-risk behavior, especially on sport bikes that can reach high speeds. In addition to being a cautious and responsible driver, it is required by law, in the state of New Jersey, that motorcyclists’ wear a DOT approved helmet. It is also advised that motorcycle drivers and passengers wear protective clothing and gear to help reduce their chance of serious injury if in an accident.

Drivers and passengers of motorcycles are at high risk for serious and often fatal injuries if in a crash. If you or a family member is the victim of a motorcycle accident call our offices today for a FREE consultation. Our team of dedicated lawyers is prepared with decades of experience in representing motorcycle vehicles victims. While we can’t change what has happened, we will work vigorously to get you and your family the compensation it deserves to help ease the burden this accident has left. From lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering, our team will present a compelling and fact-based case to bring closure through an accepted settlement offer or court ruling.

If you won’t settle we won’t settle!

Our team of lawyers and legal staff comb through all aspects of your case, interviewing passengers, witnesses, and experts. We evaluate road conditions, traffic patterns, and more. We discuss your treatment and rehabilitation with court experts to help strengthen our case against those at fault. Building your case takes time, experience, dedication, and knowledge of personal injury law. With over 30 years of combined experience, we have...

Seen it!
Fought it!
Won it!

Communication between you and your legal team is imperative. Our lawyers and staff are fluent in several languages to ensure that communication is not a barrier in your representation. You need to focus on healing, both physically and mentally. Our team will take on your fight so you don’t have to. Dealing with insurance claims and filings is a required skill. Luckily it’s a skill we have mastered so you don’t have to. From medical bills to property damage stemming from the accident, our office will file, follow through, and settle or fight any and all outstanding claims.

Accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime.

These unforeseen and often catastrophic events can have a lasting impact on your life and that of your family. Personal injuries stemming from the accident may leave you permanently disabled or out of work. Our lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in evaluating the financial impact of such injuries and will prepare your case and financial asks accordingly. Don’t wait, call our office today to start the evaluation process. We are here to take on your fight.

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