Bicycles are becoming more prominent, especially in big cities, as a main mode of transportation for many. Some commuters have relied on bicycles for years. With the rising costs of fuel and the environmental impact of car emissions, more people are considering their options. Cyclists and automobiles have to share the road all while obeying the same rules. While cyclists typically understand the risks they face on the road, it doesn’t make the outcome easier or expected when an accident does occur.

Cyclists and motorists share a responsibility in obeying the rules of the road and innately must trust that the other is doing the same. When bicycle accidents do occur it is not automatically the motorists’ fault, cyclists may share the responsibility or be at fault. Our attorneys will represent cyclists or motorists in these cases. If injuries have been sustained due to the negligence of one party, our office will take your fight to court, if necessary, to get you the best possible outcome.

Similar to motorcycle accidents, cyclists are at risk for greater injury than those in a motor vehicle. A bicycle is defined as having two wheels, is solely human-powered, and is equipped with brakes. Bicycles are required to also have some type of audible device, a bell for example, that can be heard from 100 feet in any direction. And if you are traveling on a bicycle at night, cyclists should wear reflective clothing and are required to have a light and reflector attached to their bike. In the state of New Jersey any cyclist, or passenger, under the age of 17 is required to wear a safety helmet. While it is advisable that all cyclists wear a safety helmet, is it not required if you’re over the age of 17. In addition, it is advisable that you wear protective clothing for extra safety, but protective clothing is not regulated or required by law.

While cyclists do not require a license to operate a bike, they do need to follow the rules of the road, same as a driver of a motor vehicle. For example, cyclists are required to signal using their hand and arm when changing lanes and turning. Cyclists are also to stay on the right side of road when traveling with traffic. There are certain circumstances when they are permitted to move left across lanes of traffic. It is advisable to research cycling laws of New Jersey in depth prior to taking your bike out on the road.

Accidents can happen anywhere at anytime.

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