Car accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and fatalities in the United States. While injuries vary from crash to crash, the common thread among them is the financial and personal burden caused by the accident that are felt by the victim and their family. These often devastating and life-changing injuries can gravely impact the victim’s future and the financial stability of their family.

Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers is here to take on your fight.

Our team of lawyers and legal staff focuses day-in and day-out on personal injury cases. We are experts in this type of case law and will evaluate your accident and injuries to determine what, if any, amount of money you are owed to cover your medical expenses, loss of work, and pain and suffering. We don’t charge you for an initial consultation; it is completely FREE to you and your family. Let our team of experts help you determine if you have a case. If you do, we will fight it for you.

While we can’t change what has happened to you or your loved one, our goal is help you obtain what is owed to ease the burden caused by this accident and ensure the medical attention and rehabilitation required is met. We are skilled in working with insurance companies to cut through the preverbal red tape and get to the heart of the matter. We work tirelessly and fight to ensure you and family are taken care of and can rest easy knowing the financial burden has been lifted.

Often with serious injuries come life-changing circumstances. If you or your family member has become permanently disabled from an accident our lawyers will ensure your claims and case include this devastating and life-altering impact. From head, back, and spinal injuries to neck and chest injuries or broken bones, our team will evaluate the circumstances of the accident and its impact.

Head injuries can be one of the most devastating personal injuries sustained from a car accident. A traumatic brain injury can range from a mild concussion to long-term cognitive impairment requiring a lifetime of assistance. Back and spinal injuries can be the same, ranging from a herniated disc to permanent paralysis. Neck and chest injuries can be more common, some less serious, and some more serious. Whiplash is a very common injury from a car crash with its impact varying from person to person and crash and crash. Mores serious neck and chest injuries can be muscle or ligament tears to lung damage or even cardiac arrest. Our team of lawyers is prepared to handle your claim regardless of the injury sustained. Even minor accidents can warrant a positive settlement or court ruling in your favor.

Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers won’t settle if you won’t settle. We will aggressively seek the compensation you deserve. Our litigators have decades of experience fighting personal injury cases in New Jersey district and appellate courts to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Don’t wait and take on this fight alone, leave it to the experts. Call our office today to schedule a FREE consultation and start the healing process.

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