This central New Jersey town sits on the Raritan River. Sayreville has always been an industrial town with a growing interest to technology companies. The town has easy access to the main highways and parkways in and out of New Jersey making it easy for residents to access neighboring towns or big cities fairly easily. Paint, chemical, and food manufacturers make up the majority of its landscape, but the town continues to see an increase in residential development.

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  • Serious Accidents
    When devastating accidents that gravely impact your life and that of your family’s occur, let our team of experts represent you to get justice and help ease your pain and suffering.
  • Car Accidents
    Careless, distracted, reckless, and negligent drivers can change the course of your life. Let our team of experienced attorneys deal with the insurance claims or seek civil liability against the other driver or company involved.
  • Truck Accidents
    If you are involved in an accident with a heavy truck, semi, or tractor-trailer, our team of attorneys will represent you to seek maximum coverage, both commercially and civilly, for damages and loss.
  • Bicycle Accidents
    Bicycles are quickly becoming a more relevant and functional form of transportation. With that, comes an increase in bicycle related accidents. Have you been in a bicycle accident? If so, our law firm is ready to take your case today.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Drivers and passengers of motorcycles are vulnerable to grave injury if involved in an accident. If another driver’s negligence is to blame, our lawyers will aggressively seek maximum damages for your injuries sustained, pain and suffering, or loss of life.
  • Pedestrian Accidents
    Are you the victim of a hit and run? Hit while crossing the street? Victims of pedestrian accidents need experienced representation. Our lawyers are here to help.
Accidents happen anywhere, at anytime...

From community members to community members, the lawyers at Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers are here to serve you in your time of need. Accidents are unforeseen events that can greatly impact a person and their family’s day-to-day life. The financial burden from loss of work to exorbitant medical bills and lack of transportation can destabilize an otherwise responsible citizen. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an accident, call our law office today to schedule a FREE consultation. You need experts in personal injury law to represent you and seek the best possible outcome to help bring you and your family some stability.

Our lawyers and legal team seek justice through building a case that proves fault and shows the extent of damage and your suffering to get you the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in personal injury law and have successfully won hundreds of cases for our clients. Our staff is passionate, driven, and sympathetic to your circumstance. We know that the emotional, mental, and physical challenges steaming from an accident are immense; coupled with the financial burden that likely impacts your family, it can be overwhelming.

Our team tries to remove any obstacles in getting your case heard. We make home and hospital visits to meet with clients. We also handle emergencies on a 24-hour basis. Our staff is fluent in several languages to ensure that communication is never a barrier in getting your story told and case heard. We are here for the community, to serve the community when they are in need. Our goal is always to get our clients the best possible outcome to allow them to heal with peace of mind.

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