The highly rated public schools in North Brunswick are a huge draw for many families looking for a suburban residence with easy access to the big cities, especially New York City. Part of the Rutgers University campus is housed in North Brunswick, which also draws interest for potential residents looking for diversity in the population. In addition, the healthy mix of local and state parks throughout the city allows for residents who might commute into one of the nearby big cities to feel more relaxed and less congested.

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident?

  • Serious Accidents
    When devastating accidents that gravely impact your life and that of your family’s occur, let our team of experts represent you to get justice and help ease your pain and suffering.
  • Car Accidents
    Careless, distracted, reckless, and negligent drivers can change the course of your life. Let our team of experienced attorneys deal with the insurance claims or seek civil liability against the other driver or company involved.
  • Truck Accidents
    If you are involved in an accident with a heavy truck, semi, or tractor-trailer, our team of attorneys will represent you to seek maximum coverage, both commercially and civilly, for damages and loss.
  • Bicycle Accidents
    Bicycles are quickly becoming a more relevant and functional form of transportation. With that, comes an increase in bicycle related accidents. Have you been in a bicycle accident? If so, our law firm is ready to take your case today.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Drivers and passengers of motorcycles are vulnerable to grave injury if involved in an accident. If another driver’s negligence is to blame, our lawyers will aggressively seek maximum damages for your injuries sustained, pain and suffering, or loss of life.
  • Pedestrian Accidents
    Are you the victim of a hit and run? Hit while crossing the street? Victims of pedestrian accidents need experienced representation. Our lawyers are here to help.
Accidents happen anywhere, at anytime.

When life takes an unexpected turn with injuries resulting from an accident, of no fault of your own, you need an expert to help you navigate the process of insurance claims and seek the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical bills. The lawyers and legal staff at Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers are here to help you. We have successfully represented clients for years that have suffered minor, serious, and life changing injuries. We work with accident investigators, insurance companies, medical experts, and accident adjusters to compile a fact-based case that shows fault and details the extent of your pain and suffering. We make home and hospital visits to ensure our clients aren’t limited in their access to their representation. We operate 24/7 for emergency situations. And our legal staff and attorneys are fluent in several languages to ensure communication is never a barrier in your getting your case heard.

We carefully review all aspects of your case after your FREE consultation and provide you with an educated and comprehensive plan that includes the compensation we believe you are owed. We will aggressively seek justice for our clients and their family. If you don’t settle your case we take the fight to court to provide the best possible outcome.

We won’t settle if you won’t settle!

We want our clients to focus on their healing. The emotional, mental, and physical stress of an accident is difficult enough without adding how the compounding financial burden impacted you. Our lawyers have successfully won cases just like yours providing our clients with peace of mind and the ability to provide for their family during their rehabilitation. Don’t wait to seek justice, call today! Our legal staff will schedule your consultation with an attorney so you can begin to put closure to this unfortunate and devastating event.

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